Consultation Before Buying Stocks

Tuesday , 21, March 2017 Leave a comment

Before you invest in stocks, you have to understand how to buy shares in the Philippine Stock Market. How you must first open a stock account in your name. Opening an account is done to the securities company shares (brokerage firm or stock brokerage firms). Technically, the stock account opening similar to opening a savings account. The initial balance of stock investment is not too large.

The other process, you will be asked to fill investor account opening application form attached with the identity of the address of residence, business or employment of data, the data heirs, and a copy of your savings account book. Share purchase transactions conducted through intermediaries called the company’s securities. Once you have a stock account, you can start buying stocks that you want. Consult when you pick stocks before making a purchase. Be active to ask and learn about stocks that have good prospects for investment.