Fair n Pink is very effective and perfectly safe

Monday , 13, March 2017 Leave a comment

The Fair n Pink is the best whitening serum in Indonesia. It has been purchased by many women in this country, and it has helped them to get the brighter and whiter skin in a short time. However, even though its price is very cheap, there is no Bahaya fair n pink at all. It has been tested by the government of Indonesia, that there is no side effect from using this amazing beauty product.

You can get the more beautiful skin without having to be worried about anything. This serum contains the arbutin which helps you to get the whiter skin. Its glutathione makes sure that your skin will be protected from any kind of free radicals that can be found in the highly polluted environment, especially the big cities like Jakarta. Furthermore, it’s also containing the betel leaf extract. In Indonesia, the betel leaf has been used in many beauty products, due to it prevents any kind of skin irritation, and it’s perfectly safe for any kind of skin.