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Thursday , 23, March 2017 Leave a comment

Today there are several types of basement junk that you know kind as kind of a walk-up where it is equipped with independent access to the walk-out by the manifestation in the form of stairs or a door, so residents who wish to access or enter into it do not need to pass that in the house first, but unfortunately reversed these advantages, this basement has one major weak point is the stairs in this room easily become moist and slippery even under water, especially when the rainy season arrives. Then there is the basement Cellar are generally equipped with a system whose function is to regulate the temperature and the temperature in the room so that it is always in a stable state so that the drinks and food were stored in this place remains safe and durable and can not be invaded by fungi or other bacteria that can pose a health problem. You do not have to worry about the construction of the basement is like asking How much does it cost to finish a basement? Because the exact price to make such a versatile basement, will not spend a lot of money if in choosing the right material.

To beautify the basement, you can use other materials and some types of materials that can shut down parts with a table cloth or bed linen. You can use the fabric, especially cotton to beautify your basement because of the nature of this supple fabric that has major advantages are easily sewn and easy to use and can be used as a coating.