Help the elephant conservation in Thailand now

Friday , 17, March 2017 Leave a comment

One of the most important animals in the world are the elephants, due to they’re preserving the forest by spreading the seeds of new trees via their poops. Without their existence, we will lose all of the precious oxygen and water that have been produced by the forest. So, protecting them means saving all life forms on the planet, and you can visit the elephant sanctuary Chiang Mai and become one of the elephant’s heroes.

You can donate or become a volunteer to save the elephant. Your donation will be used to feed all of the elephants in the conservation area, and some other funds will also be used to support the rangers who are patrolling in the forest to protect the wild elephants from the poachers. You can also become a volunteer to help us to protect them, and you can become one of the defenders who will protect the elephants, and it means that you are also protecting the forest, the planet’s water supply, and the future of your children.