Main symptoms of Trigger Finger

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The initial symptoms of trigger finger are pain at the base of the finger or thumb that can not be explained. Because pain can be attributed to several possible or just stiff, trigger finger difficult to detect initially. However, once the swelling worsens, the pain will be more intense and more symptoms will begin to appear. Some of the symptoms reported, among other things stiffness that is usually worse in the morning, lump or nodule at the base of the finger pain, pain during straightening the finger, pain during grasp something. Symptoms of the most obvious signs are a click when the finger is bent or straightened pain, also coupled with a sudden and sharp pain. Some patients also have her locked in a certain position, such as a straight or bent; if it is locked in the bent position, fingers usually can not return to the straight position, so in this case need to be straightened slowly with the other hand, to get a better handling, you can carry out further consultations in

Because trigger finger is a condition involving the tendons, this should are handled by orthopedists, medical professionals who specialise in diagnosing and treating conditions that affect the skeletal system, including bones, muscles, and joints. Orthopaedist diagnoses trigger finger to perform a physical examination of the hands and fingers, usually show signs, such as inflamed lumps or abnormal position. Thus, do not need to undergo x-rays or laboratory tests. Once diagnosed, an orthopedist will make a treatment plan based on the severity of the conditions experienced.