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Basically, the system of pipes and details for each industry or refinery is not much different, the differences may occur only in certain special conditions or restrictions that are required for each project. Fabrication of pipe can be carried out at workshops in the field or at a special pipe manufacture somewhere and then sent spaciousness, either by sea or land transportation, so the field is only a grafting alone. This is advantageous in terms of time, the cost of labor and employment field. Selection decisions for pipe fabrication in a workshop in the field or somewhere off the field and even in other countries require technical and economic calculations carefully, as quoted from www.plumbing-electriciancourses.co.uk

Installation of piping work can be grouped into three sections as follows:

1. Pipe above ground

2. The pipe under the ground

3. Pipe under water (in water)

Installation of piping systems in all three places have either process piping, plumbing utilities have problems respectively and in this book will only mention one or two grains.