Take care of your air conditioner regularly

Friday , 17, March 2017 Leave a comment

Unit AC power available in the market called the PK unit. Generally, for residential use PK unit 1/2 to 6 PK. At the time we bought the AC ask the seller the value of the unit, or generally, you can also look at the packaging AC itself. For commercial or industrial buildings, of course, necessitates greater power than home use. Here we will give you some tips on air conditioning maintenance that must be done by yourself without having to call an expert. Later this action we need to do in addition to the longer term, you still have to use chemical wash singapore. For example, you should call the chemical wash singapore within six months, then the maintenance actions that you can do yourself this needs to be done at least two months. In a location that conditions are dusty or dirty, and therefore should be more often, for example, every 1 month.

Which probably can not do yourself is to clean outdoor or dirty air conditioner outdoor section. If outdoor is dirty, it may be whether to germs and dust into the room. Of course, another effect when the outdoor left long in a dirty is damage. Dust and dirt that covered outdoor filter will cause difficulty in AC to remove heat. This direct cause excessive power consumption.