Tips to Fix a Smelly Air Conditioner

Wednesday , 22, March 2017 Leave a comment

Air conditioner or commonly referred to as AC that stands for Air Conditioner has become one of the electronic devices that are often used, whether at home aircon servicing, office or elsewhere, especially for someone who lived in the area with hot humid air. Thus, when the device is faced with a problem that causes it to not be able to function properly, then it is better to immediately contact an aircon servicing provider so that the problem can be treated as soon as possible.

One of the most common problems to happen is that the air conditioners that become smelly. The sign for such a problem is that the air conditioner will release a smelly odor when turned on. In this case, actually, the AC is not the one that emits odors. If there is an odor when the air conditioner is first turned on, it is usually caused by the source of the smell coming from food or drinks in the airborne and attached to the grid evaporator. Moreover, it could also be due to dirt or bacteria that accumulate on the evaporator. Then, the solution is to do maintenance and cleaning on a regular basis, whether it is done alone or ask for help to the experts.